Metaform Circle fauteuil
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In 1980, Boon­za­ai­jer and Mazairac founded their own design company, where they special­ized in indus­trial design and archi­tec­ture. Their design philos­o­phy focuses on creat­ing furni­ture that is a compo­nent of the overall archi­tec­ture of a space. Together they are known for their func­tional seating and for the stun­ning work they create for a variety of clients. Collab­o­ra­tions and client work included Pastoe, Hennie de Jong, Leolux, Metaform, Castelijn, Arco, Apage, and IKEA.

Metaform Circle fauteuil 

Second Life, Refurbished

Condition: refurbished, new internal structure and upholstery, seat and backrest

Dimensions: H80 x W67 x D90 cm, seating 42 cm

Material: powder coated steel frame, upholstered seat and backrest.

Metaform Circle fauteuil by Boon­za­ai­jer and Mazairac