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Spectrum SE06 chair by Martin Visser

The Spectrum SE 06 chair together with the SE05 and SE07 chair and wthe the TE06 dining table were designed by Martin Visser in the 1950s and 60s as well as the SZ01 and SZ02 fauteuil.

NLStudio Shop offers these products fully refurbished with new saddle leather seat and backrest.

designer Vico Magistretti of the Carimate chair and bench

Magistretti designed the Carimate bench as part of the furnishing for the Carimate golf club in Carimate Lombardy.

Vico Magistretti designed the Carimate Lounge chair as part of the furnishings for the golf club in Carimate, Lombardy.

Carimate Lounge chair by Vico Magistretti
designer Mark van der Gronden of the crates cabinet series

Mark van der Gronden designed the Crates Cabinet Series

as a simple design concept:

a steel frame containing

colored used crates.

Lucky Charms is a unique and Limited Edition piece designed and made by Demakersvan for Cor Unum. 

Lucky Charms by Demakersvan