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Dutch furniture company Pastoe is now over 105 years old. In that time they have built up a reputation for creating timeless, meticulously crafted pieces with a minimalist aesthetic working with designers like Cees Braakman, Radboud van Beekum, Mazairac & Boonzaaijer, Aldo van den Nieuwelaar and Jan van Grunsven.

Pastoe FM60 cube chair by Radboud van Beekum

Pastoe FM60 fauteuil

Pastoe FM18 scissor lounge chair by Jan van Grunsven

Pastoe FM18 scissor lounge chair

Pastoe A-dammer cabinet by Aldo van den Nieuwelaar

Pastoe A-dammer cabinet

The original FM60 cube chair was introduced in 1980 during the Triennale in Poznan, Poland. Initially, it was a flatpack, epoxied frame with canvas seating in white, grey, and black. From 1983 the FM61 in colored plywood and FM62 in saddle leather appeared, delivered assembled.

The Pastoe FM18 Scissor lounge chair is a modernist low-sitting chair designed by architect Jan van Grunsven in 1959 and produced by UMS/Pastoe, Utrecht. The chair was made out of laminated layers of plywood. Jan van Grunsven worked at the architect studio Gerrit Rietveld

The world-known Pastoe A-dammer cabinet with its characteristic ribbed roller door was designed by Aldo van den Nieuwelaar in 1978.

Its shape is derived from the (old) Amsterdam parking meters, which also explains the name of the cabinet. The A-dammer can be found in museum collections all over the world.