Hannes Wettstein

Hannes Wettstein

Hannes Wettstein (1958-2008) was one of the most interesting designers of his generation, creating projects ranging from products to communication and industrial design to architecture. He was known as one of the most innovative and influential designers from the Swiss school.

Baleri Juliette

Bulo Skater

The Baleri Juliette chair by Hannes Wettstein is a supersleek creation seemingly made out of air and a clever idea is surprisingly comfortable. Seating system with the structure in steel rod painted with epoxy in several finishes all semi-gloss. The seat and seatback are in molded sheet metal painted to match the structure.

Inspired by skateboards, the Skater is a simple and informal seating designed by Hannes Wettstein. It is available on skateboard wheels or stationery with glides.